Ups and Downs: Life

Life as I know it is not even remotely close to the life I imagined as I grew up.

I pictured a fairly typical life. Typical, that is, if you are an American woman living in the Pacific Northwest. The PNW is arguably one of the most magnificently breathtaking places in the world. Beautiful pine trees year round, majestic mountains to see in the winter and hike the rest of the year, rivers and rain and sun, coffeeshops on every corner to study, reflect on life or share laughs with friends, gorgeous ocean views and freezing water to surf in (ONLY if wearing a wetsuit). All these things plus the wonderful variety of crazy people and a wonderfully loving family make the PNW one of the two best places to be in the world.

Back to the typical life I pictured. I would get married to a wonderful guy and we would always be involved at our local church while working, raising a family and adventuring through life together.

If  I think only of those things, then my life is exactly as I pictured and hoped it would be.

Currently life is being married to the best, strongest, most handsome, loving, adventurous, God fearing cuddle-muffin there is while loving almost every minute (let’s be honest here…no one loves every minute) of time we spend serving at our local church. We adventure together and will hopefully one day raise a family together. Exactly as I pictured…right? The one main difference is that subconsciously I always pictured the location of this life to be in the PNW, not in Uganda. All you have to do is take the “typical American life” that I pictured and it put in the middle of a very quickly developing third world country.

Life is my husband and I living just outside of the capital city of Uganda (Kampala, Uganda) and working as the youth pastors and intern directors at our local church here. We’re missionaries. In my mind that’s never something that ever even crossed my mind as a thought, let along a desire or dream for life. This is a wonderful life! Truly wonderful. Most days are like living a dream. When I stop and think about it, it normally goes something like this ‘Wait a second, I’m in Uganda right now….this is my home….is this real?’. It’s funny to think about the expectations I had of what life would be like compared to the reality of what life is.

My name is Diana Sokoloff. I live in Kampala Uganda where we don’t have Tillamook Cheese but we do have deliciously fresh mangos. My husband is a real Russian but a bit of a fake one as he doesn’t speak much Russian. I just turned 26 years old…which I always thought sounded really OLD but now that I’m here it feels like life is just beginning.  I am white, which is pretty obvious if you’ve ever seen me, but I just thought I would point it out like many small children and grown men do every time I walk down the street.

Though my home is here in Uganda, half of my heart often reminds me that it still has a home in America too.