Hello Summer! Wait….isn’t it January?

For those of you living in the PNW of America, you most likely seen your fair share of freezing temperatures and snow in the past few days (and weeks). The only thing I see as I scroll through social media lately is #snowpocalypse #snowmaggedon. It makes me miss “home” more than anything! Of course in my memories I only think about the fun times; snowman building, hot chocolate drinking, fireplace snuggling, hallmark movies, cookie baking, staying home all day in my pjs, etc. Like many fond memories of “home” (where I grew up from in the PNW in relation to my current home in Uganda) I tend to push out the bad memories that accompany the fond of thoughts of snow like almost dying trying to drive a mile home from work at 11pm, being stuck inside for days on end mostly due to ice not snow and everything from work to church being cancelled, not to mention grocery stores being bought clean of every useful thing.

These days my life doesn’t include winter. It’s basically endless summer here in Kampala. Summer with a few torrential downpours and the occasional drop into the high 60’s. The high of today was 87 degrees Fahrenheit….so it obviously called for a cool sweet treat. While on a two day Christmas celebration my husband and I ate a Christmas dinner of pizza and ice cream floats. I haven’t been able to find root-beer soda even one time in the last two years of living on this side of the world and it never once crossed my mind to use any other soda for a float until the Christmas meal a few weeks ago. We had a Coke float one night and an orange Fanta float the next. Both were delicious! Today called for a re-make of the Fanta float and it did not disappoint.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

I’m thoroughly convinced that apart from a 7-11 slurpee an ice-cream float is the best way to cool off in warm weather or to indulge in when it’s snowing outside and the fireplace (or heater) is blazing inside

Orange soda with vanilla ice-cream is my current favorite flavor combo…but I’m up for suggestions! Do you have a favorite? With summer all year long I could use some suggestions 🙂