Designing Clothes and Matching with Bae

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I’m not sure I’ve mentioned in the past, but my husband is a champ. He goes with my funny ideas without much complaining. If he sees that I am excited enough about something he won’t even put up a fuss…..I really scored in the husband department.

Recently I bought some fabric from a friend who is moving from Uganda back to the states and getting rid of much. When you move across the world it’s normally quite difficult and expensive if you want to move your things with you, as shipping fees are expensive.

After purchasing the material it took me a few days of pondering to figure out what I wanted to do with it. Options were endless in my mind. Pillows for the couch, a bed cover, big round, pleated skirt…..who knows, but for a while now I’d been wanting a blazer. In my mind I wanted a simple black one, maybe with a few small downplayed leather details, that’s obviously not what I got. One day during church (don’t worry it was during the 2nd service after I had already paid attention during the 1st service) I sketched a blazer for myself and shirt for my husband that I thought would go great made with the new material. Personally I enjoy sewing quite a bit, but the things I make fail in quality comparison to that of others. Mostly because I am neither a perfectionist nor have all that much patience. I have a friend that sews custom clothes for a living (the brother of a close friend of Seth and I) at reasonable prices.

Here in Uganda it is not out of the ordinary to have clothes made custom for you, and is often less expensive than buying new clothes (depending on the quality you are looking for). Even more exciting is when couples wear matching clothes made out of African printed materials. People love it! I’ve grown to enjoy it every now and then. A few days after I sketched the matching items that I wanted, I brought the material to the tailor and showed him my sketches. He took measurements and assured me that he’d have the items finished in a few short days. He definitely didn’t disappoint. Here is the sketches I gave him and the final products.

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The original sketches I gave the tailor.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

My blazer 🙂

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Also with the buttons closed.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

My handsome hubby in his new digs. With our pup…just like he was annoying me in one of my past posts.


Have you ever had clothes made specially for you? Or do you make your own? Any tips?


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