Life and Time and People

“You can’t change your past, but you can change your future.”

I’ve heard variations of this quote time and time again over the years. It’s never seemed more true than it does right now. So much of life is determined by how we respond to things both good and bad. I’d be lying to say that I respond correctly in most situations….rarely do I (whether I show it or not doesn’t make my response a good one).

Sometimes life feels crazy and overwhelming. Sometimes time goes by like a jet plane and other times it seems to move as slow as a slug. These things often make little or no sense in the moment. But, it is up to you and me how we respond to what happens. We can’t change anything after it’s happened…but our response to things can mean life or death for us. Figuratively and literally.

This last week I’ve been slowly reading through the book of John in the Bible. Jesus is a pretty rad guy (and a LOT more than that too…savior, friend, etc) and gives us some prime examples of what it means to hold our tongue and not be a jerk back to people who quite honestly deserve it. The Pharisees tried getting him into traps with his words on more than a few occasions and he continually responds calmly and with eloquence that stuns them. I think that’s pretty cool, and also a pretty big challenge. Something that I most definitely need to work on. Rarely do I respond calm and cool when things don’t go my way or someone behaves rudely….I make the choice to be pushed out of shape. This needs to change. I need to be like Jesus and it’s only possible with more Jesus in my life.

p.s. If I am honest about how the last month has gone since my last post about social media/phone usage….it hasn’t been great…but today is a new day.