A Love/Hate Realtionship with Technology + A Movie: The Circle

Sometimes I love technology. Sometimes I want to throw my phone out the window. Sometimes technology seemingly controls my life. Sometimes I let it.

Recently I’ve taken note of the amount of time that spend on my phone. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, day-dreaming about cool things in America, etc. Anything and everything can immediately zap up way too much time. From 5 minutes to an hour and half. It’s a slippery slope. A few weeks ago I was off social media for 4 days. Honestly, I didn’t really miss it. One time I sat down and immediately opened Facebook without even a thought. It has become second nature and that’s just now how I want to live. Walking around with my phone glued to my hand and sucked into social media.

My husband knows me too well. Days when I’m more emotional, missing “home” (ie. American life and my beloved family), complaining about my hair or clothes, getting wanderlust for every high mountaintop and far off lake…he immediately knows the problem. I spent too much time on social media seeing all the “gram worthy” things that everyone across the globe has been doing. Days when I put my phone across the room and don’t pick it up even five seconds I’m much more content with the wonderful life I have.

Last night my husband and I watched the Netflix produced movie, The Circle. I knew nothing about the movie other than the cover…..Tom Hanks and Emma Watson….with Tom Hanks I thought it must be literally the best movie out there because he’s a boss. Watching the movie I went through so many emotions; sadness, happiness, disgust, rage, hope, disgust again, and more. As the movie ended all I wanted to do was burn both of our electronics. Getting so caught up in the politics of life and electronics is exhausting. Currently a much simpler approach is the most appealing. That being said, there is no way I would even think for a moment about giving up my smart phone that allows me to communicate via text and video and voice calls to my friends and family on the other side of the world as well as those in my life here in Uganda.

Technology being so much ease to life, but I certainly don’t want to get caught up in the all consuming fire that it also is. What’s the balance? How do I do this?

I’m going to try to live life more balanced. Currently, I’m not entirely sure what this looks like, but I’m certain it involves more living and less living through other people’s lives. More real life.

Also, these last few weeks have been CRAZY busy. Here’s a quick pic from the graduation on Sunday of the annual intern class that my husband and I lead. More details to come.

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Date Day Ideas + Best Casual Date Spots in Kampala

Date your spouse. This is something I heard long before I had a spouse (or a boyfriend for that matter). Now, nearly three years into my marriage, I couldn’t agree more with the aforementioned statement.

My husband and I basically do everything together. I would give it an average of 22 of 24 hours in every day are spent together.

We work together (literally…we share an office with just the two of us)

Live together.

Drive together.

Eat together.

And the best part is we still like each other. Don’t get me wrong, we have our fair share of squabbles and arguments. But we’ve learned to be quick to forgive (this gets challenged nearly everyday). That being said….we still like to spend our Mondays (our consistent day off) together. Having some sort of date-day fun. I’ve compiled ideas and pictures from the last three months as follows:

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KFC stop for ice cream and a quick card game on our way back from running errands.


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Coffee, writing and cards on our day off

#1: Eat Ice-cream/get coffee and play cards. It’s cheap and a no brainer. (our favorite Kampala/Entebbe spots are KFC (they have great ice cream balls with chocolate and cookie crumbles), Anna’s Corner, Cafe Javas and Cafe Marie)

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I LOVE him.

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Quick stop for jumping pictures for the win!

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Pretty epic.

#2: Go on an adventure drive/ride. We have a motorcycle and love to ride together…me as long as we get to stop along the way and take pictures/look at things/stretch our legs. Road trips in cars are excellent too, especially without a destination, just get in the car and drive without any plans….stop anywhere that peaks your interest as you drive by. Our favorite day trip include: the equator (about a 2 hour drive each way) to get a late breakfast and Jinja if we’re in it for the long haul (about 2 1/2 hours with no traffic…but traffic is a constant struggle on Jinja Road)

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Dressed up in our traditional Uganda wear for a LONG cultural engagement ceremony.

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Sit with your friends for added entertainment.

#3: Make “responsibilities” that you do together a date. Wedding for example; go out for late-night happy hour appetizers afterward or make it a double date and sit with your friends so you have someone to laugh with when you get bored. It makes it no longer a necessity but a fun thing for both of you! (or make fun of funny things as you see them, just between the two of you)

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He’s fine….I’m dying

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Sunshine walks.

#4: Go on a walk. Make it an adventure. Go a route you’ve never gone before. Walk to the nearest gas station and buy a treat under two dollars. See who can find the best deal!


It took ages to get our food….so Seth started playing the piano in the empty room.


Before the power went out we amused ourselves by watching Chinese television with this woman.

#5: Try a new restaurant together. It’s always an adventure, whether you like it or not. We recently tried a Chinese restaurant with DELICIOUS food and a whole lot of character. Go into it knowing that things may not be as they would if you went to a restaurant on your “normal” or “favorite” list. Enjoy seeing how this one is different and try something on the menu you normally wouldn’t. This one was a bit weird but we’ve already gone back with friends because the food was just too good! Good Chinese restaurants are hard to come by in Uganda. This one in Entebbe is delicious!

These are just a few ideas that my husband and I enjoy together. What do you do with your spouse/boyfriend?